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Dental & Vision

Vision Coverage & Plan (for actively employed members)

Vision Service Plan will offer comprehensive vision care for you and your family members. The plan is designed to encourage members to maintain vision through regular eye examinations and to help with vision care expenses for required glasses or contacts. Benefits are offered according to the following schedule:

  • EXAMS every 12 months
  • LENSES every 24 months
  • FRAMES every 24 months
  • Exam Benefits available after a $25.00 Deductible
  • Material Benefits available after a $25.00 Deductible
Step 1 Member calls VSP and requests a list of provider
Step 2 VSP mails a list of providers to members’ home address
Step 3 Member makes appointment
Step 4 Member goes to doctor for scheduled appointment
Step 5 Doctor takes care of member

Services must be received from a Vision Service Plan provider for the maximum benefit

Dental Coverage — Standard Dental Insurance (for actively employed members)

Routine oral exams, scaling, polish & cleaning, x-rays, space maintainers, ER treatment for pain, fluoride treatment for children under age 16
PAID at 80%
After $50 annual deductible per person ($150 maximum)

Fillings, simple extractions, basic periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, repair of prosthetic appliances, recementing of inlays, onlays, & crowns
PAID at 80%
After $50 annual deductible per person ($150 maximum)
Major periodontics, bridges & dentures, crowns & gold restoration, replacement of damaged appliances
PAID at 50%
After $50 annual deductible per person ($150 maximum)