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National Plan

The IHF has arrangement with a network of carefully screened health care providers who have a greed to provide top quality health care at a low cost. You also have the freedom to seek care from any other doctor you choose.

When you select network physicians, facilities or other health care services, such as X-ray or diagnostic labs, you have easy access to health care and pay fewer out of pocket cost than if you choose out of network providers. For instance, for physician home and office visits there are no deductibles and you pay only a modest copayment, There are no claim forms to fill out if you use in network providers or facilities.

If you choose out of network medical care, you pay a higher deductible and a higher percentage of coinsurance. After paying for the service directly, you must complete and submit a medical reimbursement form within the 12 months filing deadline.

Please refer to the Schedule of Health Benefits for your local plan of benefits.