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Non-covered Masonry Employment

Non-covered Masonry Employment means employment in the Masonry Industry on or after June 1, 1988 for an employer which does not have, or self-employment which is not covered by, a collective bargaining agreement between the Union and the employer.

Under the Plan rules, work in Non-covered Masonry Employment after June 1, 1988, would in effect cause a member to forfeit any future entitlement to death, disability or severance benefits. The date they could become eligible for vested or early retirement benefits is automatically postponed six months for each calendar quarter they engage in non-covered employment. In addition, the monthly benefit of a pensioner may be suspended six (6) months for each calendar quarter of Non-covered Masonry Employment after retirement.

Non-covered Masonry Employment would also cancel any past service pension credits. Thus, in order to accumulate any additional credit under the Plan, members would need to return to covered employment and earn sufficient future service credit to offset any past service credit canceled due to Non-covered Masonry Employment. The rules do provide that any such loss of past service credit shall not decrease accrued normal retirement benefits to an amount less than the accrued normal benefit a participant had on May 31, 1988.