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Death Benefits

The Plan provides a Husband-and-Wife pension if an employee dies at a time when he had a vested right to a future pension.

If the employee was age 55 or older the benefit will be a lifetime monthly payment to the spouse equal to 100% of the benefits the member would have received under the Husband-and-Wife pension calculated just as if the employee had retired on the day before he died.

If the employee was under age 55, the benefit will also be a lifetime payment to the spouse under the Husband-and-Wife pension, but the benefit will not commence until the first day of the month in which the employee would have reached age 55 had he survived. The surviving spouse has the option of receiving an immediate lump sum instead of waiting until the employee would have been age 55.

In order for the spouse of a non-retired employee to be entitled to a Husband-and-Wife pension, the couple must have been husband and wife throughout the one-year period preceding the employee's death.

Effective August 1, 1999, if a surviving spouse dies at a time when the participants natural or legally adopted dependent children are under age 2l, benefits which were being paid to the spouse will continue to be paid to the children until age 21. Such benefits will be paid to the legal guardian. If there is more than one such child, each will receive a proportionate share of the monthly benefit.

If a surviving spouse pension is not payable, a death benefit is payable as follows:

If an employee dies after January 1, 1988 and has at least one year (1500 hours) of future service credit, and has not incurred a break in service or engaged in Non-covered Masonry employment, then a Death benefit equal to 100% of the employer contributions made on his behalf shall be paid to his designated beneficiary (please note that effective June 1, 2016 all IPF lump sum benefits are limited to $5,000.00). If the Husband-and-Wife pension is payable his spouse may not elect the death benefit if the actuarial equivalent lump sum of the Husband-and-Wife pension is greater than $25,000, and greater than 100% of the employer contributions. The death benefit will also not be paid if a Severance benefit has been paid.