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Work After Retirement

If you work in the same industry, trade or craft as is covered by the IPF, your monthly pension will be suspended for the month or months you worked in such employment. You are required to report in writing within 15 days to the Fund office about any such employment you undertake. If you do not, your pension benefits may be canceled for an additional six months. Exactly what kind of work will cause such a temporary loss of pension depends on your age.

After age 62, a pensioner, may return to covered employment and continue to receive retirement benefits until their earnings exceed the social security earnings limitations for pensioners age 62 and older. For 2018 the age 62 limit is $17,040. There is no limit for pensioners 64 and older. Before age 62 you may not be engaged or employed, without limit to the geographical area covered, in any of the following:

  1. Employment with any contributing employer;
  2. Employment or self-employment in the same or related business as a contributing employer;
  3. Employment or self-employment in any business, which is under the jurisdiction of the Union;
  4. Employment with the Union or any Fund or program to which the Union is a party by virtue of a written document.
    Pensioners under age 62 must have their benefits suspended for any months they engage in such employment.

For each calendar quarter in which a pensioner engages in non-covered Masonry employment prior to normal retirement age, his benefit will be suspended for 6 months.

While pensioners over age 62 are allowed to work in covered employment in accordance with social security guidelines, a participant must have separated from covered employment for one benefit period (one month) to be considered retired. Therefore, you must separate from employment for the entire month your pension starts.

Except for these limitations, you will be free to work at anything else, without effect on your pension.

If you are not sure whether a particular type of employment is prohibited, you may request a ruling from the Trustees.