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Issue 1, 2015


Florida Trowel Trades Health & Welfare Merges with IHF

In an effort to continue to offer members high quality health and welfare benefits at an affordable contribution rate, the Board of Trustees of the Florida Trowel Trades (FTT) health and welfare plan has voted to merge into the BAC International Health Fund (IHF) effective February 1st.  Members who participate in the Florida Trowel Trades plan will be joining the majority of Local 8 Southeast members now covered by IHF.

“The Florida family of BAC members will now enjoy a much better health plan including improved benefits, eligibility rules, stability and cost savings of being a part of a much larger group,” said Local 8 Southeast President Ed Navarro. “It’s a great accomplishment for all.”

With this important merger, IHF now covers more than 2,200 members and their families throughout the country. Local 8 Southeast’s newest participants have access not only to medical and prescription drug coverage, but also to dental, vision and life insurance. In addition, IHF’s more favorable eligibility rules mean more coverage for more members as compared to their previous plan.

Through IHF’s partnership with United Healthcare, IHF participants and their families have access to a 24-hour nurse hotline (NurseLineSM) that dispenses immediate answers to health questions anytime, anywhere by experienced registered nurses with an average of more than 4½ years with the service. Members covered by IHF can also rely on dedicated care coordination when faced with hospitalization or other serious illnesses, including trusted, physician-approved information to guide them in making informed health care decisions and assist them in understanding diagnoses and explore different treatment options and outcomes. Tools and tips on achieving a healthy lifestyle that factor in nutrition, exercise, health screenings and immunizations are also readily available.

By providing members with tools to manage their health and medical conditions, the IHF is able to support our members when they need it most. “It is the mission of the IHF is to provide our members with a comprehensive health care program that maximizes quality care at the most effective cost. Through the plan’s growing membership and keeping our members engaged, we have succeeded in ensuring that our programs support this mission and in enhancing the quality of life for our participants,” says IHF Executive Director Robin Donovick. “Keeping our members healthy and providing the right services for those who have health challenges is our number one goal.”